AFI-LR AMPLFI MESH WI-FI SYSTEM Turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi

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Amplifi LR (Long-Range): Best Wi-Fi Router System For Home IntroductionAnother product from the Amplifi LR series is the Amplifi LR, which comes with even more enhanced features and a longer...

Amplifi LR (Long-Range): Best Wi-Fi Router System For Home 
Another product from the Amplifi LR series is the Amplifi LR, which comes with even more enhanced features and a longer range of its coverage. The Amplifi LR is arguably the best Wi-Fi router system you could get for your home. 
It is different from Amplifi HD with the longer coverage feature and the two additional mesh points that it possesses for advanced and stronger internet connectivity. 
Product Review
For a larger home or personal complex, the Amplifi LR seems to be a perfect buy for the customers. Its data strength and connectivity allows you use your device anywhere in the house without interruption or lagging. The inbuilt routers and the mesh technology has impressed its buyers, and they have mostly given a positive feedback for the device. 
The Amplifi LR comes with more attractive features than you could imagine. They are as follows:
It is powered by a dual-band turbocharged 801.11AC Wi-Fi system which delivers up to 2.35 Gbps aggregate speed. 
Features a smart touch display for real-time device status. 
Easy to install and set-up with the Amplifi mobile app. 
Secured with WPA2-PSK AES/TKIP encryption. 
Comes with additional mesh points to eliminate dead spots. 
Uses Bluetooth low energy in all devices supporting Internet of Things now, and in the future. 
The Amplifi LR delivers you exceedingly efficient performance with its high speed and data coverage. 
Its sleek and attractive design catches every eye. Its strong and extensive coverage makes it more reliable. 
And the features it offers are very uncommon and valuable. 
The mesh points can only be placed at suitable places due to their design. Also, the mesh points are without the Ethernet ports. 
There is also no remote management for the device. And in some cases, the mesh points are found to be randomly disconnecting from the router. And is also a bit expensive. 
The Amplifi LR is an expensive yet valuable device which offers all the features a Wi-Fi system is ought to have, or perhaps more. The advanced technology embedded in it delivers exceptional performance and makes it a good purchase. 

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