airFiber 24

The market is filled with various Gigabit Radios. Gigabit Radio models by airFiber are the best ones. airFiber 24 is a point-to-point Gigabit Radio which gives a frequency of 24 GHz. airFiber 24 performs in a revolutionary way. airFiber 24 is a perfect model for various uses such as:

1. PtP bridging.
2. Outdoor use.
3. Carrier-class network hauls.
The package of airFiber 24 consists of:
1. airFiber AF-24.
2. Pole Mount Bracket.
3. Pole clamps (2 pieces).
4. Cable ties ( 3 pieces).
5. Carriage Bolts ( M10 x 150, 4 pieces).
6. Flat Washers ( M10, 4 pieces).
7. Split Lock Washers ( M10, 4 pieces).
8. Hex Nuts (M10, 4 pieces).
9. GigE PoE Adapter ( 50 V, 1.2 A).
10. Power Cord.

The high isolation design of airFiber 24 is truly an ideal one for its smooth performance even in RF noise environments. airFiber 24 acts as a backhaul which gives high performance. An amazing wireless throughput is delivered by airFiber 24, which goes up to 1.4+ Gbps and eventually, conventionally wired backhauls are surpassed. The performance of airFiber 24 ranges up to 13+ km links. Frequency Division Duplexing is supported by airFiber 24, that too in full duplex mode for less than 1 ms latency. This results in an increase of efficiency for the carrier-class network backhauls. airFiber 24 is operated worldwide, hence airFiber 24 can be deployed anywhere by its users. 

airFiber 24 is the Gigabit Radio by airFiber which one can rely on. No compromises are made regarding the quality of this excellent product. Customers look for a product which isn't fake as well as of a durable quality. They want the products to be genuine and worth the money which they spend. This ac sector antenna is manufactured by airFiber which is a leading Company. Hence, it is worth its buy.

AF-24HD airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point UNLICENSED 24GHZ Gigabit Radio


AF24,Outdoor Wireless 24 GHz 1.4Gbps Unlicensed Band Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio

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