airFiber® by Ubiquiti Networks is a wireless antenna that can be operated around the world without availing any license or getting into any paperwork. Ideal for businesses that depend upon networking and the sharing of data, airFiber®’s split antenna and revolutionary technology make it possible for it to transmit a file of 100MB in less than a second. The device is very easy to install and can be assembled and installed on a pole without the help of a technician.
5 GHz unlicensed band
Revolutionary performance
Low latency carrier
Radio alignment display
Quick and easy installation
Four different models of airFiber® 5 are available at Abian Wireless Inc. to solve your business or individual broadband needs.

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AF-5 airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 5470-5950MHz  UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio
The AF5 airFiber 5 Gigabit radio is designed to meet high network performance requirements in high-d..
AF-5U airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point  5725-5850 MHz UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio
The AF5U model from Ubiquiti’s airFiber series is a Gigabit radio that offer substantial improvement..
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