airFiber 5

The market is filled with various Gigabit Radios. The best among all the Gigabit Radio is airFiber 5 from airFiber. The Gigabit Radio model airFiber 5 from airFiber is the antenna model one must look for. airFiber 5 by airFiber is a full duplex Point-to-point Gigabit radio which provides a frequency of 5 GHz. This sector antenna is specially designed for the purpose of PtP bridging as well as carrier-class network backhauls. 
The Package of airFiber 5 consists of:
1. I- Bracket.
2. Upper Mount Bracket with Elevation Rod.
3. Lower Mount Bracket.
4. Pole clamps (2 pieces).
5. M10 x 150 Carriage bolts (4 pieces).
6. Serrated Flange Bolts. (M8 x 14, 4 pieces).
7. Azimuth Support Brackets (2 pieces).
8. Serrated Flange Nuts (M10, 6 pieces).
9. Cable Ties (2 pieces).
10. GigE PoE Adapter (50V, 1.2 A).
11. Power Cord.
12. airFiber AF-5.

The high isolation design of airFiber 5 is truly an ideal one for its smooth performance even in RF noise environments. airFiber 5 has surpassed the conventionally wired backhauls. Up to 1.2+Gbps throughput is delivered by airFiber 5. The performance of airFiber 5 ranges up to 100+ km. Frequency Division Duplexing is supported by airFiber 5, that too in full duplex mode for less than 1 ms latency. This results in an increase of efficiency for the carrier-class network backhauls. airFiber 5 is operated worldwide, hence airFiber 5 can be deployed anywhere by its users. 

airFiber 5 is the Gigabit Radio by airFiber which one can rely on. No compromises are made regarding the quality of this excellent product. Customers look for a product which isn't fake as well as of a durable quality. They want the products to be genuine and worth the money which they spend. This ac sector antenna is manufactured by airFiber which is a leading Company. Hence, it is worth its buy.

AF-5 airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 5470-5950MHz UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio


AF-5U airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 5725-5850 MHz UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio

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