airFiber® antenna is designed by Ubiquiti technologies to function along with airFiber X radio. Aluminum is used for creating this antenna which makes it light in weight. It is also easy to assemble it and mount it on the pole. airFiber® Antenna has a superior beam performance and advanced noise isolation technology that reduces interference. This gives the users enhanced gain for high-capacity.
Sophisticated radio frequency (RF) isolation design
Strong construction and design for outdoor use
Easy to integrate with airFiber® radio
Powerful performance
Six different models of airFiber® Antenna are available at Abian Wireless Inc.

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AF-2G24-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 24DBI DUAL- POLSlant 45 Antenna
The AF-2G24-S45 airFiber X Antenna from Ubiquiti is designed to offer outstanding network performanc..
AF-3G26-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 26DBI DUAL-POLSlant 45 Antenna
The AF-3G26-S45 airFiber X antenna provides significant improvements in noise isolation and gain and..
AF-5G23-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 23DBI DUAL-POLSlant 45 Antenna
The AF-5G23-S45 model device is an airFiber X antenna from Ubiquiti that features considerable impro..
AF-5G30-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 30DBI DUAL-POLSlant 45 Antenna
The AF-5G30-S45 airFiber X antenna model from Ubiquiti promises outstanding gain and beam performanc..
AF-5G34-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 34DBI DUAL-POLSlant 45 Antenna
The AF-5G34-S45 model of Ubiquiti’s airFiber X antenna series guarantees efficient network performan..
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