airFiber® X is a revolutionary product in the wireless broadband industry. It is designed to be used along with Ubiquiti’s antennas. airFiber® X uses proprietary Hybrid Division Duplexing Technology which helps in providing lowest latency and high TDD throughput. airFiber® X also has a high signal-to-noise ratio. This product is available at a reasonable price and is easy to connect with an antenna without requiring any additional tools.
Optimal operation in unlicensed bands
GPS synchronization
Over 200 KM range
Spectral efficiency of around 17Mbps
airFiber® X is available in six different models at Abian Wireless Inc.

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 AF-2X airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point UNLICENSED 2.4GHZ Gigabit Radio
The AF-2X is an efficient carrier back radio from Ubiquiti’s airFiberX series that provides high spe..
 AF-3X airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 3GHZ Gigabit Radio
AF-3X is an effective airFiberX carrier back radio from Ubiquiti that is designed to meet point-to-p..
AF-4X airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 4GHZ Gigabit Radio
The AF-4X is an airFiber carrier back radio from Ubiquiti that utilizes advanced engineering and the..
AF-5X airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio
Ubiquiti’s airFiber radio AF-5X model is designed to meet high performance requirements for point-to..
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