In today’s world, the need for technology is at the peak. We all want products that are more efficient and offer unique features. Ubiquiti Networks never fail to deliver and airFiber is one of their finest software that helps its products provide worldwide connectivity easily. The airFiber is a revolutionary Point-to-Point wireless platform. The airFiber is housed in a compact form factor of high efficiency and it delivers great wireless Gigabit+ performance with a long-range and very low latency, providing you with the maximum efficiency.

Ubiquiti has gone over and beyond to make this software a game-changer. The airFiber provides up to 20 Gbps approximate performance and sub-millisecond latency, along with the world’s best unlicensed-band spectral efficiency of 15.9 bps/Hz. The airFiber aims to help its products provide maximum connectivity. This software has brought a spectral efficiency breakthrough, as it puts the most efficient use of unlicensed band spectrum which is a significant attribute in highly crowded RF environments. The airFiber also uses a unique dual-antenna design and self-interference cancellation algorithms to extract more usable channels from the available spectrum, making us wonder where was such an intelligent software before.

Talking about design, the airFiber comes with an innovative one that will give you an unparalleled flexibility, enabling independently selectable asymmetric TX/RX channel bandwidths and selectable TX/RX frequencies wherever spectrum is available. The software also comes with powerful multi-mode duplexing, providing the lowest possible latency. Amazing, isn’t it?

The product catalogue of airFiber features Ubiquiti products like airFiber 24, airFiber X, airFiber X antenna, airFiber NxN, Isobeam, etc which use this software to give you best performance. With Clean Power Output that uses digital pre-distortion compensation with multi-IFFT processing to deliver the cleanest output spectrum, airFiber is undeniable. Giving you 20 Gbps performance for several base stations, the products with this software are a purchase you should definitely make. 

AF-5G34-S45 airFiber X PARABOLIC DISH ANTENNA 34DBI DUAL-POLSlant 45 Antenna


AF-5X airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio


AF-5 airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 5470-5950MHz UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio


AF-5U airFiber Carrier Class Point-to-Point 5725-5850 MHz UNLICENSED 5GHZ Gigabit Radio

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