AirPrism Sector Antenna

We are yet again here, to let you in on the latest Ubiquiti product - AirPrism Sector Antenna. AirPrism Sector Antenna is in parallel to their other product AirMax ac Sector Antenna, in their nature of progression with respect to noise estrangement and beam performance for co-location in the surrounding areas of the mobile tower. AirPrism Sector Antenna consists of three Rocket5ac Prism radios at the top, middle and bottom of the airPrism antenna. Every radio in the vicinity of this product transfers and incurs radio waves within its commensurate 30 degree beamwidth.

What's more, largely immune to noise hindrance, the AirPrism Sector Antenna lends the best beam performance in highly dense areas for huge capacity, multipoint networks. This accounts for the powerful performance of this tool. And you also know now, why we recommend this intriguing product especially to those with a migraine who can do without a headache advocated to noise like that of buzzing bees on some fine days, at least. AirPrism Sector Antenna is the practical synonym of noise isolation.

Reading along the lines of AirPrism Sector Antenna's design, it is raised on a single airPrism antenna and as mentioned earlier comprises of three Rocket5ac Prism radios that spread its limbs throughout in an effectual tower field, thereby bringing down the installation and tower costs as it doesn't demand any special tools. The AirPrism Sector Antenna and Rocket5ac Prism radios were made to coordinate amongst themselves, or “made for each other”, as they say today, hence the catchy results. The instant demonstration of new products in the market is any and every company's way of saying, “there is room for improvement” and Ubiquiti looks like they are here with one of the best developments ever. Why not try your hand at it, if you like to see the pleasant twinkle you might be ever familiar with, in your customer's eyes?

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