LiteBeam ac

LiteBeam ac is an ultra-lightweight device with excellent range and affordable pricing. It has airOS 7 which provides incredible features, including airMAX ac protocol support, real-time RF analytics, and an all-new design for enhanced usage. LiteBeam ac also provides 23 dBi gain for long-distance connectivity and uses a directional antenna pattern for improved noise immunity.

Featuring the freedom of three-axis alignment, LiteBeam ac fully assembles in no time and with no tools required. Only a single wrench is required for pole-mounting.

A lightweight form factor contained within an ultra-compact packaging, LiteBeam ac is ideal for shipping and logistics.

The package of LiteBeam ac usually contains materials like Antenna, Center Reflector Panel, Side Reflector Panels, Feed Receiver, Ball Joint Mount, Metal Strap (5 GHz), 23 dBi airMAX CPE with InnerFeed Technology (Model: LBE-5AC-23 Gigabit PoE (24V, 0.3A)), Mounting Bracket, Power Cord and a Quick Start Guide which includes every data required for installation and maintenance.

Installation requires only a 7 mm socket, wrench or screwdriver and shielded Category 5 (or above) cabling for all wired Ethernet connections, which should be grounded through the AC ground of the PoE.

It is recommended that you protect your networks from harmful outdoor environments and destructive ESD events with the industrial grade shielded Ethernet cable from Ubiquiti Networks.

LiteBeam ac is mounted outdoor along with the reflector installed, which provides directional outdoor coverage (gain reflector dependent). Also LiteBeam ac mounted outdoor without the reflector installed provides outdoor-to-indoor coverage using the 3 dBi Antenna Feed only.

The antennas which are used for Litebeam ac transmitter should be installed properly to provide a separation distance of at least 66.1 cm from all persons and also, it must not be placed or operating in relation with any other antenna or transmitter




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