NanoBeam ac

New technology and devices are taking over the world every day. Still, we always look out for a device or a software that will perform better, and comes with several unique features. The NanoBeam ac, launched by Ubiquiti Networks as their latest generation of airMAX CPE, is one such product filled with new features. The NanoBeam ac is an easy-to-install device, that directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With advanced engineering and superior technology, the NanoBeam ac is one of Ubiquiti’s finest products, making it a 'must-have' device.

The main purpose of the NanoBeam ac is to focus in one direction which will help it to spatially filter out or block any kind of noise, giving you an improved noise immunity. The NanoBeam ac implements the innovative industrial design with airMAX ac technology, which makes it ideal for CPE deployments that need maximum performance with the minimum possible footprint. 

The engineers involved went over and beyond to give this product the best possible features. The NanoBeam ac consists of a separate Wi-Fi radio, that will give you an easy and fast set-up through your mobile device. This device also gives you the ease of set-up as it mounts to various surfaces including walls and poles, giving you the freedom of three-axis alignment. So, you don’t have to worry about installing this product. Just use a single wall screw for wall-mounting and you’re good to go.

The NanoBeam ac consists of Ubiquiti’s airMAX engine that helps it to improve network scalability and TDMA latency. The small form factor of this device gives it the highest gain for its size, and its accurate beam directivity will give you best performance in noisy areas.

Packed with so many features, the NanoBeam ac also comes with the new airOS8 with an all-new design, giving you an increased usability. It also uses Ubiquiti’s airMAX technology that gives great performance outdoors. With the incredible Antenna Beam Performance and top-notch features, this is a product you will definitely not regret buying.




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