Rocket 5ac

Technology, as we see it, is changing every day. People’s hunger for a better, upgraded and more versatile piece of technology is wholly and solely responsible for this change. This change in technology is always faced towards a brighter side of development. New devices are being discovered every day and older devices are being upgraded with enhanced and more advanced features. Technology in the modern era runs almost 90% of the lives of human beings, directly or indirectly. One such amazing piece of technology is the Rocket5ac from Ubiquiti. The Rocket5ac is one of the most advanced pieces of technology that enables you to attain the maximum performance in wireless links with the help of airMAX ac technology. Its mesmerizingly unique design makes the Rocket5ac ideal for setting standards in the world of technology and a highly user-friendly device. This is the perfect product for you if you are looking for a device with a steady functioning capability and an absolute glitch free system.

Featuring enhanced latency, improved immunity to noise and drastically improved throughput performance, the Rocket5ac is a device that will redefine the meaning of performance and power to you. The advanced airMAX engine and the proprietary custom-made Integrated Circuit significantly refines the Time-Division Multiple Access or TDMA latency and improves its network scaling ability. Now, the distinctive features of airOS 8 are a part of the Rocket5ac, like the real-time Radio Frequency analytics, airMAX ac protocol support and many other outstanding capabilities. Coming with a brand new hi-tech design, the Rocket5ac is the best of its kind in usability and outdoor performance. 

The Rocket5ac is the new face of technology in the modern era. This piece of development has reduced many complexities in the lives of human beings. With millions of deployments and their outstanding reviews, the Rocet5ac is the most preferred device in the field of technology and achievements.

R5AC-LITE Rocketac R5ac-Lite 5GHz airMAXac BaseStation 802.11ac


R5AC-PTMP, Rocket M5 5GHz airMAX AC 450+ Mbps Throughput BaseStation


R5AC-PTP Rocketac R5ac-Ptp 5GHz airMAXac BaseStation 802.11ac

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