RocketDish ac Antenna

The 21st century is led and guided by communication. Transmitting and receiving are the units of communication and progress. Different issues in the field of communication have led to the development of different kinds of solution. With the rising demand for more sophisticated and upgraded technology, the developers have made it their major concern to develop a piece of technology which stands alone distinctive in its design and functionality. Ubiquiti’s RocketDish ac Antenna is the product that will change your concept of technology. With enhanced features and advanced performance, RocketDish ac Antenna is the most reliable device that is capable of changing the course of communication. RocketDish ac Antenna is equipped with the most useful hardware and its simple yet powerful design sets an example to the field of technological advancements.

RocketDish ac Antenna provides maximum isolation and a refined Front-to-Back ratio for a better Signal-to-Noise ratio which in turn increases its ability to use modulation of higher-order and the maximum data rate. With an improved beam performance, multipoint networks and higher gain and capacity, RocketDish ac Antenna is capable of handling any kind of interference and reducing them to the least. Specially designed to withstand environmental conditions and outdoor working and setup, RocketDish ac Antenna is a versatile product that will leave you surprised with its durability. Being a highly user-friendly device, it does not require the use of tools to set up a Rocket BaseStation as it has an inbuilt Rocket mount. Last but not the least, the RocketDish ac Antenna is 100% weatherproof.

In a world full of technology, RocketDish ac Antenna has made its mark and has been the most preferred device by the people. As we move forward into the future, we will see many more developments and upgrades that will change the lives of human beings.

RD-5G31-AC RocketDish ac 5GHz airMAXac 2x2 PtP Bridge Dish Antenna

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