AirGateway is a customized Wi-Fi solution that connects indoor client devices and powers the outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). The airGateway features an innovative design which interlocks with an existing airMAX PoE Adapter, it is designed for performance and reliability. The airGateway delivers Wi-Fi connectivity with 99.9% of uptime. 

The airGateway Installer makes installing the consumer premises equipment (CPE) easier, with more efficiency. At the point of installation, one can position, provision and configure the CPE. The airGateway Installer also features dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Users can use a tablet or smart phone to access the CPE’s web UI for provisioning and any final adjustments. By using an optional mobile power pack, users can power the airGateway Installer to complete provisioning before the PoE connection is established. 

The airGateway is available in three different models: airGateway Standard 2.4 GHz model with an internal antenna, airGateway-LR Standard 2.4 GHz model which also includes an external antenna for extended range, AMG-PRO Dual-band (2.4 or 5 GHz) model with an improved range and efficient performance.

The airGateway supports multiple functions, it serves as an indoor wireless device to connect multiple wireless clients, it connects to a switch to support wired clients and powers the airMAX CPE on the roof.

The airGateway can operate in any of these network modes to adhere to the needs of the user's network:
• SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Router
• Router
• Bridge

The airGateway supports these wireless modes to suffice all kinds of wireless requirements:
• Access Point mode which functions as the core of the user's wireless network.
• Station mode which helps to extend the user's wireless network. 

Such varied functionality makes the airGateway extremely convenient and economical for users. The power options, the airGateway is compatible with Ubiquiti PoE Adapters featuring 24V, 0.5A or 15V, 0.8A. It also features an extra isolation of Ethernet of ±24kV for built-in protection which reduces the risk of ESD or surge damage to devices.

AG-PRO-INS 2.4 GHz,5 GHz airMAX WISP Customer Access Point


airGateway 2.4 GHz airMAX WISP Customer Access Point


AirGateway‑LR 2.4 GHz airMAX WISP Customer Access Point


AMG-PRO 2.4 GHz,5 GHz air MAX WISP Customer Access Point

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