Bullet M

In the world of technological breakthroughs and scientific advancements, there is a very strong demand for wireless technology. With the rising demand, the Bullet M is designed to bring perfection to wireless technology. The Bullet M can be considered as an advanced wireless radio, which serves the purpose of a client as an access point and a bridge of network. This allows the device to have the ability to form a connection between two networks. 

The Bullet M, being antenna-less, needs to be connected to the user’s chosen antenna. This, in turn, decreases the rate of signal loss by providing a strong support to the antenna. Delivering an internet speed up to 100mbps, the Bullet M is one of the most preferred devices used to make a connection. The undisputed durability and class of the Bullet M ensure that weather has no adverse effects on it. It is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. 

About 630 MW of power is featured in the Bullet M with a connectivity range of up to 50 Km. This iconic device is used to create a wireless point-to-point zone between two locations. In case of large organizations, which may require an antenna to be set up far away from the equipment, this device is the handiest hardware one can use to do it.

The development of the Bullet M has made a fine addition to the world of wireless technology. People can now have access to get a better, longer and faster connectivity at a minimal signal loss. The Bullet M has changed the face and pace of wireless technology.

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