Lite Beam M

In the world where speed and performance dominate the field of technology, Litebeam M is an extraordinary break through. For ages, people have demanded a technology that helps them to connect with every corner of the world without a single glitch. The development of Litebeam M has led to an eye catching change in the field of wireless broadband technology. Litebeam M is a combination of performance and speed. It is a high speed wireless networking product and has the potential to be the strongest connective device in the most compact and simply designed body. Litebeam M combines the hardware and the software technologies to provide us with the best of their performance. 

Litebeam M provides long distance connectivity to its users and uses a unique directional antenna pattern for improved immunity against noise. The freedom axis technology enables the device to be assembled in just a matter of seconds without the use of any tools. Only in the case of pole mounting, a wrench is needed. Being lightweight, it is perfectly portable and comes with an ultra-compact packaging. It can be referred to as the most successful and cost-effective CPE device developed till now. Ubiquiti’s airOS system technology enables us to enjoy high performance and outdoor multipoint networking. The airOS system provides specs such as wireless setting, bridge or routing configuration or system management services.

With the arrival of newer and more efficient devices for connection, Litebeam M is an icon of the modern century. It has brought about a drastic change in the field of wireless broadband technology and has made a difference in the people’s life by taking them one step closer to the future.

LBE‑M5‑23 Long-Range,Lightweight airMAX CPE

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