NanoBeam M

New gadgets and technology are something we all look out for. Every day, a new advancement is made in technology and we all want it; the newest of tech devices, newest features, everything. The problem with several of these devices are their installments. As much as we love these products, some of them are either exhausting or messy to install. NanoBeam M, the newest addition to Ubiquiti products, is one device you won’t worry about at all. The new NanoBeam M has an all-in-one compressed design, having uniform beam width, a faster processor and a more efficient footprint. Such features and advanced technology make the NanoBeam M a must have for all.

The NanoBeam M, operating on 5 GHz and 2.4 Ghz , is a Ubiquiti Networks CPE, introduced for long distance point-to-point uses. Implementing innovative industrial design along with new advanced technology, the NanoBeam M is the latest generation of Ubiquiti Networks airMAX CPE for the customer locations. This device is bound to make your work much easier. Forget about the numerous screws, nuts and bolts, this device mounts to various surfaces including walls or poles, giving you the freedom of three-axis alignment. Just one wall screw is required for the wall mounting and you’re good to go. 

The reduced form factor of the NanoBeam M features the highest signal gain for its size. It will acquire signals quickly and at a higher rate of gain, with accurate beam directivity, giving you the best performance in noisy environments.

The NanoBeam M utilizes Ubiquiti’s advanced airMAX technology, which has proven itself in millions of deployments globally, providing top performance in outdoors. Also, if you wish to install this device on a wall, you can also use the optional NBE-WMK Wall Mount Kit that will give you enhanced stability. Thus, giving higher performance, easy to use features, the NanoBeam M is a must buy product.

NBE‑M2‑13 2.4Ghz High-Performance airMAX wireless Bridge 13dBi


NBE‑M5‑16 5Ghz High-Performance airMAX wireless Bridge 16dBi


NBE‑M5‑19 5Ghz High-Performance airMAX wireless Bridge 19dBi

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