NanoStation M is a high-performance CPE for PtMP application with Ubiquiti’s airMAx deployment. With a sleek form factor that features a panel antenna, it can also be used to create a PtP bridge or as wireless client in various applications. It is integrated with the highly efficient airMAX TDMA protocol and high speed processor. NanoStation M is designed to deliver better performance and reduced noise at lower cost. 
PoE output enables through Ubiquiti’s smart software 
Dual Ethernet connectivity to power an eternal device  
Remote circuitry to allow reset from any location 
Elegant and compact form factor 
Optional window, wall, and poll mounting kits available 
Explore the complete range of NanoStation M variants at Abian Wireless Inc. 

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LocoM2 WIRELESS Access point/CPE,OUTDOOR 2x2 MIMO 8DBI DUAL-POL 802.11g/n
Part of the UbiquitiCPE collection is the Nanostation series. LocoM2 is part of the series and is on..
LocoM5 WIRELESS Access point/CPE,OUTDOOR 2x2 MIMO 13DBI DUAL-POL 802.11a/n
LocoM5 is one of the few CPE’s that are part of the Nanostation series by Ubiquiti. The CPE is best ..
LocoM9 WIRELESS Accesspoint/CPE,OUTDOOR 900 Mhz 8DBI
Part of Ubiquiti’s Nanostation series, the locoM9 is a CBE device that offers a dual polarity perfor..
NSM2  2.4Ghz WIRELESS Access point/CPE,OUTDOOR 2x2 MIMO 11DBI DUAL-POL 802.11g/n
NSM2 is part of the Nanostation CPE series by Ubiquiti. The CPE device is ideal for use in a place w..
NSM3 WIRELESS Access point/CPE,OUTDOOR  3 Ghz  gain 12.2-13.7 dBi
Nanostation CBE device series are smaller sleeker models of CBE devices that offer high performance ..
NSM365 WIRELESS Access point/CPE,OUTDOOR  3.65 Ghz  gain 12.2-13.7 dBi
The CBE device NSM365 is easy to install and a sleek designed CBE. It is ideally used in situations ..
NSM5  5Ghz WIRELESS Access point/CPE, OUTDOOR 2x2 MIMO 16DBI DUAL-POL 802.11a/n
NSM 5 is part of the CPE Nanostation device series of Ubiquiti . As part of this series, the CPE dev..
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