PicoStation M

In the world of technology, advancements take place frequently which brings us newer devices, making our tasks easier. We always look out for products that can do more than one work, and requires minimal labor. Ubiquiti’s PicoStation M is one such product that meets all such needs. The PicoStation M is one of Ubiquiti’s finest products, that show how far technology has come. With leading-edge industrial design and small size, the PicoStation M is easy to use and in something you will not regret purchasing.

The PicoStation M is ideal for uses that require long range performance and a minimal footprint of installation. This device can be deployed indoors or outdoors, and it can also function either as an AP or airMAX Station.  With providing you easy access and convenience, this product is a must-have.

The PicoStation M is a product everyone should have because it is one of the smallest outdoor 802.11g/n access points and its one of the most powerful as well. This product’s main purpose is to provide you with maximum range and speed, and easy setup. All you need to do is plug a single network patch cable into the weather-proof enclosure and the work is done.

The PicoStation M with its high performance, small form factor and low price, is very economical to deploy anywhere and very versatile. This device has a speed up to 100 Mbps+ with a range performance till 500 meters, making it a very efficient device.

The PicoStation M was built with a vision to deliver outstanding performance. It packs several features like a powerful and interactive airOS software, with open customizable Pico firmware. It also comes with 32MB SDRAM and 8MB flash memory, setting a new bar for technology. With unlimited uses, and airMAX technology, the PicoStation M is a great device designed to give convenience to its customers and to provide powerful performance with compact form factor.

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