PowerBeam M

The hunger for new technology is never ending, so is the need for efficiency. Every day, people look out for tech instruments that will help them do their tasks easier. The common problem with some devices are their installing and setting up in a proper manner. Ubiquiti’s PowerBeam eliminates this issue by giving an easy-to-install dish reflector design. The PowerBeam is the latest generation of Ubiquiti Networks airMAX CPE for the various customer destinations, that comes with advance technology that fulfils all your needs. The PowerBeam has a frequency of 5 GHz, excellent throughput of 150+ Mbps and a comfortable range of 25+ kilometers. All these qualities make this device a must-have product for all.

The main purpose of the PowerBeam is to make use of Ubiquiti’s InnerFeed technology, that helps to integrate the radio signals into the feedhorn of the antenna. This will give you freedom from cable losses, as cables are used to connect the radio to the antenna. This will also help in improving the performance by eliminating cable loss. When you buy the PowerBeam, you’ll see that it does not require any kind of tools for assembly and installation. All you need is a single wrench for pole-mounting and your work is done. 

PowerBeam comes with a small form factor, giving it the highest gain for its compact size. Its accurate and powerful beam directivity will give you top notch performance even in noisy areas.

Ubiquiti’s airMAX technology exhibits brilliant performance outdoors, which is proven in millions of deployments globally. Along with the device, you can also buy the PBE-RAD-400 as an optional accessory which is a protective dome-like structure, shielding the radio from any harm. Thus, packed with so many features and the latest technology, the PowerBeam is a product you will not regret purchasing. 

PBE‑M2‑400 2.4Ghz High-Performance airMAX Outdoor Wireless Accesspoint


PBE‑M5‑300 5Ghz High-Performance airMAX Outdoor Wireless Accesspoint


PBE‑M5‑400 5Ghz High-Performance airMAX Outdoor Wireless Accesspoint


PBE‑M5‑620 5Ghz High-Performance airMAX Outdoor Wireless Accesspoint

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