PowerBeam M5 ISO picks up where PowerBeam M left, providing better built-in RF isolation for areas with excessive disruption. It is a 5GHz Bridge for Ubiquiti’s airMAX deployment that promises maximum noise immunity by isolating RF and directing it in a tighter bandwidth. It is powered by the airMAX OS and high-speed processor. PowerBeam M5 ISO is a versatile device that can be used in PtP links and PtMP networks, and as a high-performance wireless client. 
Metal plated housing for better RF isolation 
Mechanical tilt of up to ±20 degrees
Powder-coated corrosion-resistant dish made from galvanized steel 
Protective Radome to protect the radio 
There are two variants of Ubiquiti’s PowerBeam M5 ISO available. You can shop for authentic products at Abian Wireless Inc.  

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