PowerBridge M is a wireless panel antenna for Ubqiuiti’s airMAX deployments. With three different variants, PowerBridge M is powered by airMAX TDMA technology and high-speed processor that allows it to deliver flexible and flawless carrier-class performance. It has a compact form factor and a weatherproof design for excellent performance under unfavorable climate conditions. 
Slim and compact form factor 
UV resistant weather-proof case 
Wind loading advantage over dish deployments 
All-inclusive design enables plug-and-play installation
25dBi Dual-Polarity array panel design
Data throughputs of up to 150MBps over 20 km
Abian Wireless Inc. brings a complete range of authentic Uqbiuiti airMAX products including all variants of PowerBridge M. Shop with us for the best rates and reliable service.  

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