Ubiquiti aims to provide powerful wireless connectivity and no other product could explain this better than Amplifi, which provides fast and secure WiFi to connected homes. With Amplifi, one can constantly monitor people and devices that are on and off the network. The software also enables the user to solve network issues without the need of support personnel.

Since it is a mesh network, network failures are hardly observed. Multiple nodes ensure constant transmission of data. This design can function effectively despite the high traffic, which means that several devices can be connected at a time. And users can purchase as many mesh points as required.

Commonly cited disadvantages of the mesh topology include the difficulty to set up with an expensive price range. Amplifi, being one Ubiquiti product, overcomes these precise issues. Customers have been able to set up the network in a jiffy and have said it is reasonably priced, considering its functionality. 

Amplifi is an 802.11 ac WiFi system, such a system is characterised by high throughput. Being on the 5 GHz spectrum, it provides speed which is far superior to other WiFi systems. It also provides a considerable improvement in signal strength. Other features include band steering, which means the best WiFi channel is automatically selected depending on the user’s location and traffic.

The router and mesh points have a sleek and compact design that would complement the interiors of your house. The Amplifi WiFi system is also energy efficient as it uses Bluetooth in all the connected devices. Managing the entire network can be easily done via an Android/ iOS device by installing their mobile app. Other than giving usage statistics and informing the user of who is on the network, it also facilitates easy guest-access. Undoubtedly, Amplifi is the WiFi system of the future.

AFI AMPLFI MESH WI-FI SYSTEM Turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi


AFI-HD AMPLFI MESH WI-FI SYSTEM Turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi


AFI-LR AMPLFI MESH WI-FI SYSTEM Turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi

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