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BM5HP 5 GHz airMAX Outdoor Wireless Accesspoint and CPE

With a 5 GHz frequency, BM5HP from the Bullet series at Ubiquity is one of the leading point to point connectivity devices. To increase connectivity speed all that needs to be done is for the BM5HP to be connected to the airMAX deployments antenna and the device will enhance throughput and long distance performance. Its long distance performance can last 50+Km. Its weather resistant casting means it can last longer outdoors without the need to replace it often. It comes with a fully integrated radio that can solve the complexities with networks. Ubiquity has laced the device with its advanced airMAX technology which enhances its performance outdoors by way of the TDMA airMAX protocols.  

Bullet™M Datasheet 
Bullet™ Titanium Datasheet 
AirOS® User Guide 
Bullet™M Titanium Quick Start Guide 
BulletM Quick Start Guide 
AirMAX® TDMA System Technology Datasheet 
AirView® Spectrum Analyzer Technology Datasheet 
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