With advancement in technology and devices came the sensitivity factor where the hardware router components are vulnerable to damage from various modes such as static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, which can cause intermittent or complete component failures. This can be evaded with the help of Edgepoint. For a vigorous routing performance, EdgePoint is an ultimate choice combined with a convenience of passive PoE support. EdgePoint improves data signal integrity and is Purpose-Built for WISP Control wherein supports fiber backhaul through a single data cable run for long-distance connectivity and enhancing the versatile powering capabilities. 

The EdgePoint is available in three models that are the EP-R6 Layer-3 router with five Gigabit RJ45 Ports and one SFP Port. The EP-R8 Layer-3 router has five Gigabit RJ45 Ports and two SFP Ports whereas EP-S16 Layer-2 switch has the maximum of sixteen Gigabit RJ45 Ports but zero SFP Port with some layer-3 capabilities. EP-R6 and EP-R8 can be used as routers, however, EPS16 functions as a switch. 

Intuitive User Interface, Routing Configuration, and Switching Configuration make EdgePoint an implacable hardware device with a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use, that is, it has the capability to withstand outdoor conditions, including the wind, rain, and snow. These features make the EdgePoint ideal for increased performance for outdoor wireless links.

The All-In-One Design of EdgePoint will result in riddance of clutter. No hassle of expensive cabinets and no long Ethernet cable running or extraneous installations. Therefore, there is no need for an excessive maintenance for availing a powerful routing or extensive quality Switching Features. The fiber protection presented by Ubiquiti Networks results in reduced Electro Magnetic Interference and ensures high performance. 

Overall, the hardware overview and the components of the bottom panel make Ubiquiti Networks EdgePoint highly reliable and a solution for all the fiber protection. 

EP-R6 EdgePoint OUTDOOR 6-PORT Intelligent WISP Control Point with FiberProtect


EP-R8 EdgePoint OUTDOOR 8-PORT Intelligent WISP Control Point with FiberProtect


EP-S16 EdgePoint OUTDOOR 16-PORT Intelligent WISP Control Point with FiberProtect

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