There are many types of Modular PSU systems available in the market. EdgePower is the PSU System of Superior quality. For EdgePoint, EdgePower is the perfect modular PSU System. Edge Power is designed to connect with routers as well as switched of EdgePoint.
The EdgePower package consists of:

1. EdgePower EP-54V-150W.
2. Power Cord.
3. Mount Brackets (4 pieces).
4. Bracket Screws (M4 x 5.3, 16 pieces).
5. Rack-Mount Screws (#10-32 x 5/8", 4 pieces).
6. Cage Nuts (#10-32 x 5/8", 4 pieces).
7. Mounting Screws (M4 x 30, 8 pieces). 
8. Screw Anchors (M4 x 24, 8 pieces).

The System Requirements for EdgePower are Linux, Mac OS X, or Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.
The Web Browsers required for EdgePower are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft 
Edge, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Reliable Power is supplied by EdgePower to the attached PoE devices. Two PSU bays are featured by EdgePower. 54V, 150W AC-DC module is included plus AC-DC/ DC-DC module which can be used as an option. A power output of up to 150W is provided by EdgePower. 300W of power can be delivered by EdgePower with the help of the optional PSU in the Secondary Bay. If there is a failure detected in the primary PSU, there is nothing to worry about as continuous power is supplied when the secondary PSU gets activated automatically. For convenience in management, configuration interface by EdgePower allows the users to monitor as well as configure the features of PSU. 

EdgePower is the modular PSU System which one can rely on. No compromises are made regarding the quality of this excellent product. Customers look for a product which isn't fake as well as of a durable quality. They want the products to be genuine and worth the money which they spend. EdgePower is worth its buy.

EP-54V-150W EdgePower Modular DC Power Supply for EdgePoint

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