Ubiquiti brings a reliable power option for all its devices under the name of EdgePower. The product range offers modular PSU designed to connect EdgePoint switches and routers with a source of reliable, power that is attached to the PoE devices on offer. The design of the device includes a 150W AC DC module and two optional modules on AC-DC and DC-DC. It also comes with two PSU bays.  
The device comes with backup PSU power system, to power the device in case the first PSU system fails. 
The PSU offers an optional PSU power and enhances the total power capability by up to 300W. 
Comes with remote configuration and monitoring of the devices which makes it easy to control for the clients.  

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EP-54V-150W EdgePower Modular DC Power Supply for EdgePoint
Edge Power by Ubiquiti is a device designed to connect EdgePoint routers with ease and to provide un..
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