PowerBeam M5 ISO

The world's appetite for technology is always increasing. Revolutionary ideas are made every day and new technology is always awaited. We always seek for a good tech equipment that will satisfy our needs in a proper way. Ubiquiti’s PowerBeam M5 ISO is a device that will fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations at the same time. The PowerBeam M5 ISO is an excellent device for deployments that require the maximum amount of performance and RF isolation as well. The PowerBeam M5 ISO is basically a 5 GHz airMAX Bridge, which also consists of RF Isolated Reflector, along with improved noise immunity, which ensures that even in noisy environments, this device won’t fail to deliver, making it a 'must-have' product for everyone.

The PowerBeam M5 ISO is one of those devices that can make you feel that the purchase was fruitful. This device is a game-changer, as it is not only a product of advanced engineering with all the latest features, but it also has Ubiquiti’s proprietary airMAX technology. All of these features help to make PowerBeam M5 ISO an ideal device for customers who want the maximum performance output and RF isolation, which is the basic purpose of this device.

The PowerBeam M5 ISO comes with an innovative mechanical design, which has a unified isolator that helps it to improve the RF Isolation. This will filter out any interference spatially, which means you will get the best performance without any obstruction. This device also includes a metal-plated interior in its rear housing, which enhances the RF shielding, yet again improving your experience. How can anyone deny these great features? The PowerBeam M5 ISO comes with superior RF Isolation along with an excellent range of 25+ kilometers. With Ubiquiti’s airMAX technology, which is preferred globally, this product is definitely not something you can dismiss if you want the best performance partnered with the latest technology.

PBE‑M5‑300‑ISO 5 GHz airMAX Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector


PBE‑M5‑400‑ISO 5 GHz airMAX Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector

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