SunMAX by Ubiquiti comprises of a range of products that function on solar energy. SunMAX series includes hardware, software, kits amongst other resources to make the entire process of installation and usage easy. Like other products by Ubiquiti, SunMAX series too is a manifestation of breakthroughs in technology.
With the crises of global warming and depleting resources tapping into alternative sources of energy is the need of the hour. At present, the most popular and widely available non-conventional source of energy is solar energy. It is also the least used, due to limited and expensive technology that can’t use this resource to its full potential. 
SunMAX aims to overcome this precise issue with its products. Using these products, novice entrepreneurs and large businesses alike can tap into this abundant resource. Its products aren’t simply bulky contraptions, they come with the necessary paraphernalia to make setting the machinery effortless. A user, who claimed to have never used any tool in his life, said she installed the SunMAX solar panels using just the kits and guides given along with the product.
Setting up a solar business independently has been simplified thanks to the plug and play option. The software that comes along with the hardware allows greater control over the system and helps generate bills depending on power usage. Manuals and training modules are also available to inform the customer regarding how to handle and use the devices.
The products available in the SunMAX series include solar panels, micro-inverters, solar gateways and various other accessories to enhance the utility of the rest of the products. The SunMAX series by Ubiquiti aims to be an inexpensive and easy to use solar power solution. With such products, solar power can be capitalised by all.


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