Sunmax Hardware

The SunMAX hardware by Ubiquiti is an affordable and simple solar power solution to new contractors and established businesses alike. The SunMAX hardware comes with required software and other necessary kits, modules etc. to make the entire process of installation and usage easy for all kinds of customers.

SunMAX Hardware includes:

1. Solar Panels 
The SunMAX Solar Panels are high performance and easy-to-use products that can be installed on rooftops. The panels may be arranged in various layouts (landscape, portrait or by integrating both) to produce up to 260W of power.
2. Microinverter
Household devices work on AC power, AC other than preventing devices from damage is also eco-friendly. With SunMAX Microinverter DC power can be stored in solar panels and then safely converted to AC power as per the customers’ requirement. These microinverters show an efficiency of 95.5% and are available in both EU and US so that they can be used globally.
3. Solar Gateway
The SunMAX solar gateway establishes a network between all microinverters using Bluetooth. This helps pass messages from one inverter to another within the customer’s LAN to monitor all the devices wirelessly.
4. Mounts and Accessories
The mounts and other accessories ensure the solar panels are properly placed on rooftops or terraces. They ensure that they are positioned securely while receiving the maximum possible exposure to sunlight. The mounts can be placed on both tile and composition rooftops. 

Ubiquiti aims to produce wireless technology to enable connectivity via simple and reliable networks. The SunMAX hardware has thus been created, so that solar power can be harnessed to its full potential. The machinery is mainly a few standalone devices that are interconnected through the customer’s LAN. They are highly efficient and support all models hence, can be used all across the world.

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