UF-SM-10G-S Single mode SFP+ module 10 Gbps BiDi

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UF-SM-10G-S Is An Exceptional Netwroking ItemIntroductionThe Ubiquity Company offers you with a lot of network devices that can suit your needs. No matter what your requirements are, it has ...

UF-SM-10G-S Is An Exceptional Netwroking Item
The Ubiquity Company offers you with a lot of network devices that can suit your needs. No matter what your requirements are, it has every solution at best economic rates. The UF-SM-10 G-S Single Fiber transceiver is another brilliant networking product. These modules are bidirectional. Being bidirectional, they enhance the bandwidth of the network as much as double the original bandwidth without increasing the cost of the product. The UF-SM-10G-S is a master in producing 4G networks that can stretch up to a wide range of area.
Being bidirectional means, that the UF-SM-10G-S can support both receiving and transmission through a single fiber, which is obviously an added advantage. 
Product Review
The UF-SM-10G-S has a lot many new features different from an ordinary single fiber module. Though it is a single mode fiber module, it still has bidirectional functionality. It supports a (1) LC connector type and has temperature resistance to up to 70 degrees. It gives a 10GBPS Speed, and its cable can stretch up to 10 kilo meters. It comes in two packs 1 pair and 10 pairs.
•    UF-SM-10G-S supports single mode fiber.
•    It is bidirectional (Bidi)
•    It supports (1) LC connector type.
•    The temperature resistance is 0 to 70 degrees.
•    Can stretch up to 10 kms range.
•    Gives a data rate of 10GBPS SFP+.
•    TX Wavelength 
•    Red- 1330 nm.
•    Blue- 1270 nm.
•    Rx Wavelength
•    Red- 1270 nm.
•    Blue- 1330 nm.
•    It is bidirectional, so does the tasks, transmission, and receiving.
•    The UF-SM-10G-S is economical.
•    It can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.
•    The transceiver and the cable are extremely durable.
•    They are hot-swappable.
•    It uses two different wavelengths, upstream and downstream on a single module.
•    It is a single mode Fiber transceiver.
•    Supports only one device. 
UF-SM-10G-S is an advanced model of single mode Fiber Module. It supports just one device. However, it is bidirectional, which means it can do both receiving and transmission at the same time which makes it an ideal choice at the lowest price. 

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