#SFP Module

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UF-MM-10G Multi mode SFP module 10 Gbps
UF-MM-10G is a multi mode connector part of the Ubiquiti network and the U Fiber series. The fiber c..
UF-MM-1G Multi mode SFP module 1 Gbps
UF-MM-1G is part of the Ubiquiti networks that is used for a variety of purposes. Part of the U fibe..
UF-SM-10G Single mode SFP+ module 10 Gbps
The UF-SM-10G is a part of the Ubiquiti range of Fiber cables. It is designed so that it can be used..
UF-SM-10G-S Single mode SFP+ module 10 Gbps BiDi
UF-SM-10G-S is part of U Fiber series by Ubiquiti Networks. The cable is used to solve connectivity ..
UF-SM-1G-S  Single mode SFP module 1 Gbps BiDi
Ubiquity has a U fiber series that offers the best fiber cables to solve connectivity issues, UF-SM-..
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