Technology has brought about a drastic change in the lives of human beings. Leading life is much easier now than it used to be in the medieval age.  With brand new technologies being discovered and developed every day, the face of the world in the terms of technology has changed drastically. Human beings have a tendency of keeping a track of their regular life and sometimes even save a virtual proof of their doings which offers them great memories in order. This is the part where video steps in. From keeping a track of events or items, to virtually saving memories, to providing supervision, videography has it all under its influence. Such a modern breakthrough in the field of videos is UniFi VIDEO. Providing excellent management of the UniFi cameras according to the rules set up in the software, UniFi VIDEO is an ideal device for a sustained and perfected videography. UniFi VIDEO is highly user-friendly which makes it a perfect buy for you. 

UniFi VIDEO has the capability of recording and managing videos from up to 50 cameras making it one of the products with the best scaling ability. The base video system of the UniFi VIDEO enables it to detect cameras for quick deployment automatically and also offers a setup wizard for an easy configuration. UniFi VIDEO system features an advanced User Interface which gives it the capability to handle and provide custom motion detection zones, event recordings, email alerts, live view management, disk management and analysis and other wide range of activities.] UniFi VIDEO is the product for you if you are looking for a video device with all in one capabilities.

In the world where videos are a part of a daily life of a human being, UniFi VIDEO has made a difference in the field of technological advancements by providing us with an all-powerful and all-rounder device.



UVC-G3 Dome IP CAMERA,INFRARED POE High-Definition IP Surveillance Cameras


UVC-G3 IP CAMERA, BULLET OUTDOOR INFRARED POE High-Definition IP Surveillance Cameras

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