The internet has taken over the globe in just a few years of its existence. Its popularity knows no bound. And with the rising count in the dependency on the internet, human-beings have created a virtual parallel universe of their own. With these rising aspects, Internet Telephony has become a major part of our lives. With new applications and software being developed every day, which supports calling, sending SMS, video calling, etc. over the internet rather than any kind of telephone networks. The UniFi VOIP is the device from Ubiquiti that takes you to a whole new level of Broadband Telephony. The Unifi VOIP is the ideal smartphone technology for corporate sectors. Providing you with access to a full range of apps, the UniFi VOIP is one of the best devices powered by Android. Being highly user-friendly, the UniFi VOIP is perfect in its design.

A high-definition multi-coloured touch screen of 5-inch is installed in the PRO model and a 7-inch multi-coloured, high-definition touch screen on the Executive model of the UniFi VOIP to make it more user-friendly and enable quick navigation. Coming with an ultra-modern design, the UniFi VOIP is sleek in its design with a very conveniently located mute button. The UniFi VOIP proves high fidelity audio which enables it to offer a better and clear quality calls. Bluetooth support is featured in this device and it comes with wireless headsets. Having the ability to easily connect to any compatible Wi-Fi devices, the UniFi VOIP is the best device you can use under a Wi-Fi coverage. It is highly cost-effective and has a seamless integration with scalable system management.

The Internet, being a vast space, requires a strong piece of technology to be managed. The UniFi VOIP is one such device that facilitates you to enjoy rich and glitch free Internet Telephony and helps you to maintain a steady communication and connection in your corporate sector.  

UVP UniFi VoIP Phone 5-inc Touchscreen Smartphone Technology for Corporate Environments


UVP-Executive UniFi VoIP Phone 7-inc Touchscreen Smartphone Technology for Corporate Environments


UVP-Pro UniFi VoIP Phone 5-inc Touchscreen Smartphone Technology for Corporate Environments

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