UniFi Wireless is an enterprise-grade wireless networking solution powered by UBNT UniFi intelligent and intuitive software for centralized device and network management. It offers unlimited indoor and outdoor access point scalability option without compromising the network performance. UniFi wireless is capable of reducing cost and time associated with network management and deployment.
Exceptional performance delivered through Wi-Fi 802.11n MIMO technology
Available in 2.4 and 5 GHz bands with range up to 600 ft
Non-dedicated central software control that can be used with any device or OS 
Indoor and Outdoor models available 
Authentic UniFi Wireless components are available at Abian Wireless Inc.   

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UAP-AC-EDU UniFi AP-AC EDU 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point
UAP-AC-Edu is part of the UniFI range of Lite APs by Ubiquiti. The AP makes use of the latest UniFi ..
UAP-AC-LITE UniFi AP-AC Lite 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point
UAP-AC-Lite is a dual radio indoor wireless access point that makes use of the latest WIFI tech..
UAP-AC-LR UniFi AP-AC LR 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point
Ubiquiti’s UAP-AC-LR features the latest WiFi technology. It has a unique new industrial design that..
UAP-AC-PRO UniFi AP-AC Pro 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point
Part of the UniFi AC Lite AP series is UAP-AC-Pro by Ubiquiti. The device works on state of the art ..
UAP-IW 2.4Ghz 802.11g/n UniFi In-Wall Wi-Fi Access Point
UAP-IW is an In-wall Wi-Fi access point. A product of Ubiquiti, the in wall wifi AP is the right cho..
UC-CK UniFi Cloud Key Hybrid Cloud Device Management
Making use of the Hybrid cloud technology, Ubiquiti’s Cloud key is part of the UniFi series.  T..
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