USG,UNIFI SECURITY GATEWAY 3-PORT Enterprise Gateway Router with Gigabit Ethernet

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Full Product Review of Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway (USG)IntroductionThe USG (Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway) is a significantly different product altogether from the entire line up of t...
Full Product Review of Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway (USG)
The USG (Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway) is a significantly different product altogether from the entire line up of the Ubiquiti products. Despite its name, USG or Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway is completely a firewall device which is a combination of an enterprise class router and a device that is accessible to all the firewall capabilities. The USG has a processor of cavium octeon+ CN50 Dual-Core 500MHZ along with MIPS64 with hard and a RAM of 512MB.
Product review
You will find a quick start guide inside the box of USG and the security getaway itself. Although the product might look like made up of plastic, but the security getaway is entirely made up of metal. You get the power cables, power adapter, and mounting hardware. The storage capacity of the product is 2GB. 
Although the product is enabled with so many exquisite features, Ubiquiti claims that the USG has the ability to route layer-3 forwarding performance of 1,000,000 pps and 3Gbps. The power consumption of the product comes in at 7W only, all regards to the lower power components.
The USG is a small device with four ports which includes one dedicated console port along with three Ethernet ports. Once you plug in the Ubiquiti Unifi security getaway or USG, the LED square will start to glow and notice the device to be functioning by a status indicator.
Easy to set up for simpler networks.
You get a full view of the entire network in just one spot.
Easy configuration.
Access to the router remotely from Unifi mobile app.
All the configuration options are not available through GUI.
First setup is painful while getting into a non-trivial existing network.
The speed test of WAN is helpful for up to 150-200 Mbps.
After all the tests and surveys, the Ubiquiti security gateway seems to be a quite beneficial product for the day to day work and it is also available at a reasonable price which makes it much more profitable.

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