US24-500W UniFiSwitch 24-PORT 500W Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch with SFP

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The Ubiquiti networks Unifi US-24-500W IntroductionThe Unifi US-24-500W switch model is made in a way that it can build and spread your network with much convenience and ease. All the Unifi ...
The Ubiquiti networks Unifi US-24-500W 
The Unifi US-24-500W switch model is made in a way that it can build and spread your network with much convenience and ease. All the Unifi switches including the US-24-500W are the part of the Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Enterprise System. Now you can get everything on one switch and make your network closet much cleaner than before with the help of US-24-500W. 
Product Review
The switch model US-24-500W is completely manageable, can give high performance, PoE+ Gigabit switch enabled with two consecutive SFP ports that are equipped to provide uplinks up to 1 Gbps as well as fiber connectivity options for all your enterprise networks. 
The switch model of Unifi switch US-24-500W also provides 24 consecutive ports that enable auto-sensing IEEE 802.3af/at or the configurable 24V of passive PoE to clarify the infrastructure of yours along with enabling a power of total 500W; you get the flexibility to access to more devices at a time on your network.
The system is configured and managed by the controller of Unifi. This switch model US-24-500W provides a varied suite of latest and improved layer-2 switching protocols and appearance along with the mode of operation (mirroring, switching, or aggregating) per unit port. The controller unit of the Unifi switch model enables its admin to figure out ad monitor perpetually all the features of the switch in a geographical user interface.
Switching capacity is 52 Gbps.
Mountable rack.
Supports PoE+ IEEE.
One serial console port for future use.
What you get in the box:
Unifi witch US-24-500W.
Power cord.
Four mounting screws.
Four cage nuts.
Quick start guide.
It will give you ample PoE power unit for 24 UAP-AC-pros.
These switch models are inexpensive and affordable.
Easy to configure.
Great for home network.
Completely dependent on the Unifi Controller.
If you watch very carefully, you can certainly get a quite spectacular deal on this switch model from the online stores in the best price.
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