UVP UniFi VoIP Phone 5-inc Touchscreen Smartphone Technology for Corporate Environments

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A complete review on Ubiquiti UVP VoIPIntroduction The presentation and the packaging of the Ubiquiti UVP VoIP phone are pretty excellent and attractive. When you open the box, you will get ...
A complete review on Ubiquiti UVP VoIP
The presentation and the packaging of the Ubiquiti UVP VoIP phone are pretty excellent and attractive. When you open the box, you will get a Unifi VoIP phone and an instruction booklet. The Unifi UVP VoIP phone comes as a one piece with a handset cord and a handset and stands attached. The base of the unit is strong and is made up of aluminum whereas the handsets and the front panels are made of plastic. The 5 inch HD touch screen of the UVP makes it quite easy and convenient to use. 
Product review
The UVP is a great product in the VoIP market of Ubiquiti. Having access to the full range of Android apps directly from your phone makes the UVP perfect for the executives who want a wide array of exquisite features and the increasing productivity while looking amazing on their office desk.
The Ubiquiti VoIP phone has specific features which include a built-in web browser, an automatic provisioning that enables faster deployment, an integrated contact and directory app and these are powered by the Unifi controller for convenient auto-attendant, call logging, voice mail, mass configuration, and much more. The UVP gives you access to the playstore offering you thousands of interesting apps. 
Download your favorite apps, stream media and conveniently browse the net. Each of the Unifi VoIP phones can be uniquely personalized to suit your preferences. The UVP’s aluminum frame is strong and the plastic handset features a high quality of mono-audio and rests comfortably on top of the frame. It is economical, comfortable, and has a soft touch grip and a convenient mute button on the inside of the handset. The handset cable is completely fixed to the stand. 
Availability of Plug and play installation option.
PBX integration is enabled.
Quite affordable.
No service during power the outage.
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